CREDC Videos

Adaptive and Proactive Security Assessment on Energy Delivery Systems
ADNA: online, context-aware, intelligent framework for Anomaly Detection aNd Analysis in SCADA networks
Attack Graph Based Metrics for Identifying Critical Cyber Assets in Electric Grid Infrastructure
Black Sky Resilience: Assessing the Vulnerability of the Electric Grid
Continuous Security Monitoring Techniques for Energy Delivery Systems
CREDC Electricity Primer: Big Wire Basics
Cyber-Physical Experimentation Environment for RADICS (CEER): A Look into the Future of Cyber-Physical Experimentation
CyPSA: Cyber-Physical Security Assessment
Distributed Agent-Based Intrusion Detection for the Smart Grid
End-to-End Delay Guarantees for Real-Time Systems using SDN
Illinois Testbed: An Overview of Resource Availability
Implementation of Resilience via Operational Controls
Industrial Cyber Threats and Future Planning: Where We're Going We Don't Need Roads
Introducing CREDC
Introduction to Data Communications and Networking for Utility Computing and Control
IT and OT, Information Security Architectural and Operational Divides in the Energy Sector
Leveraging Physical Models for Attacking and Defending PLCs
Leveraging Physics for EDS Security
Leveraging Physics for Security: Micro-PMUs
Mitigating and Preventing Vulnerabilities with ELFbac
Monitoring and Control of Electric Power Systems
Multi-Receiver GPS Based Direct Time Estimation for PMUs
Network Function for Reliable and Secure Control Messaging over Commodity Transport
Network Policy-Enforcement Function for Reliable and Secure Control Messaging
Oil & Gas and Security/Resiliency
Oil and Gas Pipeline Transmission Infrastructure Cybersecurity and Resiliency
Proof‐of‐Stake Consensus Protocol for Cyber Supply Chain Data Provenance
RAINCOAT: Randomize Network Communication in Power Grid Cyber Infrastructure to Mislead Cyber Attackers
Resiliency in the Electricity Subsector: Information Sharing and Exercises against Black Sky Events
Resilient Data Collection of Wireless Sensor Networks in Oil and Gas Refineries
Robust and Scalable Security Monitoring and Compliance Management for Dynamic EDS
Scalable Identity and Key Management for Publish-Subscribe Protocols in EDS
Securing Critical Infrastructure From Sensor to Reactor
Security Games for Cyber Resilient Bulk Power Systems
Security Through Examples: Exploring Cyber Security in Critical Infrastructure
Sensor Data Analytics for Intrusion Detection in Cyber-Physical Systems
Seven Turrets of Babel: Data Format is Code's Destiny: Security Anti-Patterns of Protocol Design
Simultaneous Localization of Multiple Jammers and Receivers Using Probability Hypothesis Density
Smart Grid Control Primer
The Need for a Paradigm Shift in Safety and Cyber Security
Towards Attack Resilient Data Analytics for Power Grid Operations
Unified Gas and Electric Unit Commitment with Coordinated Generator Contingency
Validating Security and Resiliency in Software Defined Networks for Smart Grids
Visualizing Network Security Policy with NP-View