CREDC Research Activities

Current Research Activities

Research Activity
Advanced Networking for Reliable Energy Delivery Systems
Assured Cyber Supply Chain Provenance Using Permissioned Blockchain
Cyber Physical Resiliency Experimentation and Assessment Using Federated Testbed
Cyber Resilience Metrics for Bulk Power Systems
Data Sharing for Energy Delivery Systems
Evaluating Effectiveness of an Embedded System Endpoint Security Technology on EDS OT: Defeating the Hackers of IIoT Devices
Fast and Scalable Authentication in Energy Delivery Systems
Increasing Cyber-Resilience of Large-Scale and Long-Lived Energy Delivery Infrastructure (EDI)
K-12 and Public Outreach
Low-cost, Scalable and Practical Post Quantum Key Distribution
Metrics and Tools for Measuring Cyber Resiliency of Electric Grids
Modeling Security Risk to and Resiliency of EDS Using Software-Defined Networks and Robust Networked Control Systems
Network Function Insertion for Reliable and Secure Control Messaging Over Commodity Transport
PreventOTPhysDamage: Anticipating and Preventing Catastrophic OT Physical Damage Through System Thinking Analysis
Real-time Cyber Analysis to Improve Operational Response to a Cyber Attack
Reliability and Cyber-Physical Threat Model Generation from a Standards Influenced Ontology
Robust and Secure GPS-based Timing for Power Systems
Secure Cloud SCADA for EDS
Supporting Security with Advanced Multimodal Grid Data Analytics
Towards Attack Resilient Data Analytics for Power Grid Operations

Archived Research Activities

Research Activity
A Conceptual Framework for the Assessment of Integrated Energy Storage Resources
Adaptive and Proactive Security Assessment on Energy Delivery Systems
Advanced Networking Technology for Energy Delivery Systems
Anomaly Detection for Securing Communications in Advanced Metering Infrastructure
Assessing Perceptions and Culture of Cybersecurity within an Organization
Continuous Security Monitoring Protocols and Architectures for Energy Delivery Systems
Creating an EDS Cybersafety Analysis Discipline
Data Privacy in Energy Delivery Systems
Federated Simulation for Development of Improved Incident Detection and Management
Forecasting Cybersecurity Incidents in Energy Delivery Systems
Implementation of Resilience via Operational Controls
Increasing Security in a Resilient Energy Delivery Infrastructure through the Analysis of Vulnerability and Exploit Markets
Lightweight Cyber Security Resiliency Framework
Lightweight, Delay-Aware, and Scalable Cryptographic Services for Smart-Grid Systems
Online, Context-aware, Intelligent Anomaly Detection, Causality and Consequence Analysis, and Response Suggestion for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems in Energy Distribution Systems
Proactive Response Strategy for Energy Delivery Systems
Quantification of Cyber-Physical Security Risk and Probability of Rare Failures
Real-time Situational Awareness of Risk to EDS To Cyber Attack
REMEDYS: Research Exploring Malware in Energy DeliverY Systems
Remote Management of EDS Experiments
Resilient Framework with Authentication, Key Management, and Data Collection for Energy Sensors in Energy Distribution Networks
Secure, Dynamic Interoperability of Microgrid Assets
Security Gaps due to Coupling of Energy Delivery Sub-systems
Situational Awareness Framework for Cyber Security Event Prediction and Quantification (SAFFRON)
Synchrophasor Data Quality