Information Trust Institute block of abstract images
Information Trust Institute block of abstract images


At the heart of ITI are dozens of University of Illinois faculty members and other senior researchers representing multiple departments of the UI's College of Engineering as well as other departments and facilities across the UI. Working alongside the faculty are numerous graduate students who are helping to advance the state-of-the-art in information trust while training to become the next generation of leaders in the field, as well as administrators who serve as facilitators to the entire educational and research process. Also integral to ITI's mission are industry partners who benefit from ITI's innovations and educational opportunities and help shape its research goals by bringing real-world needs to the table.

For more information on ITI, or if you are working in industry and are interested in what ITI can do for you, please see the adjoining page on ITI administrators for contact information, or send e-mail to infoatiti [dot] illinois [dot] edu.

For more information on leading research personnel, see the adjoining page of information on ITI faculty and senior researchers. Students may find the faculty information useful in identifying faculty members whose work they might like to become involved with, and are encouraged to contact faculty members to inquire about opportunities for thesis work.

Members of the press are encouraged to contact ITI faculty members for expert opinions on the many important current events that relate to issues of information security, dependability, correctness, safety, privacy, and survivability.