Adaptive and Proactive Security Assessment on Energy Delivery Systems


Carlos E. Rubio-Medrano, Postdoctoral Researcher, and Vu Coughlin, Graduate Research Assistant, Center for Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics at Arizona State University


September 15, 2017


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Abstract: Recently, energy delivery systems (EDS) have undergone an intensive modernization process that includes automated monitoring, control, and optimization of resources. While extremely convenient, such a process has also opened the door for the exploitation of non-trivial security vulnerabilities, as demonstrated by recent sophisticated attacks. As a solution, the efficient, robust and practical monitoring of security-relevant information is critical to ensure future risks and threats are properly mitigated. In this talk, we will describe our progress towards such a goal by implementing an ontology-based engine, a risk assessment methodology, as well as an innovative network firewall application, all of them leveraging a well-defined representation of security requirements as a strong foundation for efficiently protecting EDS infrastructures. 

The demonstration mentioned by the presenter can be found here: