Cyber-Physical Experimentation Environment for RADICS (CEER): A Look into the Future of Cyber-Physical Experimentation


Tim Yardley, Associate Director for Technology, Information Trust Institute 


November 9, 2017


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Abstract: In this talk, Mr. Yardley will cover needs, gaps, and scientific challenges in realizing an evolutionary jump forward in cyber-physical experimentation for the electric power grid. As part of the DARPA RADICS program, Mr. Yardley is currently working with an extensive team to address the challenges that will be laid out in this talk. The current state, the vision, and a progress update on the realization path of that vision will be provided, as well as an unveiling of some useful tools that can benefit other researchers. Through active engagement with a variety of national labs and other collaborators, this effort aims to provide not just a point solution, but an adaptable environment that can be leveraged throughout the research community.

Biography: Tim Yardley is the Associate Director of Technology and a Senior Researcher at the Information Trust Institute at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. His primary duties focus on defining the vision and direction for applied research through emerging technology as well as conducting research to address the core mission of the Institute. His research is focused on trustworthiness and resiliency in critical infrastructure, with particular focus on cyber security in systems like the power grid and telecommunications. Through development of advanced testbed environments, Mr. Yardley helps to apply research to prove out theory and validate those efforts prior to field deployment, speeding the process of technology transition and the realism of fundamental research. His work covers a variety of areas, including control systems, telecommunications systems, critical incident response, and simulations of real-world systems. Other areas of interest include health technology, mobile system security, financial systems, and dynamically tailored environments. Beyond research, he is involved in security assessments, external relations, national working groups, technology development and transfer, and entrepreneurial activities. Through being an active contributor in open-source projects around the world and having come from industry, Mr. Yardley provides a unique perspective with a proven track record of solving difficult problems.

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