Work With Us

Collaborations opportunities for working with the Information Trust Institute including:

Sponsored Research Centers: 
Industry partners are encouraged to join ITI in supporting a variety of currently sponsored federal research centers including CITES (NSF), CIRI (DHS), ReCIPE (NSA), CyManII (DOE), and CREDC (DOE) – see our Research section of this website for details about these centers.

New Sponsored Research Projects:  The Federal Government encourages research universities to collaborate with industry partners in pursuit of new areas of research that address national need and have potential for marketplace impact. ITI is eager to discuss partnership concepts that might lead to proposals for available research funding opportunities. 

Strategic R&D Collaborations:  ITI partners directly with industry partners to develop customized research projects that address pressing security issues while also focusing on specific areas of partner interest.

Graduate and Undergraduate Student Engagement:  Industry partners get enhanced access to experienced faculty and students across all levels and engineering disciplines. Partners have the opportunity to engage early with students who are interested in industrial careers.       

The ITI Security Lab:  ITI has developed a comprehensive lab that supports research, exercise design, education and product translation, and specialized projects.  Our lab serves as an incubator for a wide range of testing, analysis, research support, simulations, and other extensions of ongoing innovation.  This functional environment houses dozens of different types of equipment from multiple manufacturers and industry partners and is made available for design, analysis, and exploration.   

Training and Workforce Development:  ITI continuously designs new educational material to support remote and on-campus student learning as well as on-sight workforce development initiatives and learning experiences.  ITI leverages years of experience in research, classroom engagement, exercise design, simulations, and various other original content development work to offer materials for both academic credit and workforce training/development.  These materials can be customized to support the needs of industry partners or directly used to increase awareness and overall competence of an emerging in demand workforce ready to tackle the many challenges of protecting critical infrastructure. 

Please contact ITI at to find out more about how we might collaborate.