End-to-End Delay Guarantees for Real-Time Systems using SDN


Rakesh Kumar, Graduate Research Assistant, Information Trust Institute, University of Illinois


September 22, 2017


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Abstract: Real-time systems (RTS) require end-to-end delay guarantees for the delivery of network packets.This talk is about a framework to reduce the management and integration overheads for such real-time (RT) network flows by leveraging the capabilities of software-defined networking (SDN) -- capabilities that include global visibility and management of the network. Given the specifications of flows that must meet hard real-time requirements, the framework synthesizes paths through the network. To guarantee that these flows meet both, their bandwidth and end-to-end timing requirements, the framework solves a multi-constraint optimization problem using aheuristic algorithm. We use emulations and experiments on hardware switches to demonstrate our techniques and feasibility of our approach. As a result of this work, SDNs become "delay-aware'' and thus can be adapted for use in safety-critical and other delay-sensitive applications.

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