Data Privacy in Energy Delivery Systems

Summary Statement

NOTE: this is no longer an active CREDC research activity. 

The collection, aggregation, and analysis of information on all components of energy delivery systems is essential to enhance the resiliency of energy delivery systems (EDS) by preventing, detecting, and recovering from faults and attacks. Information sharing of EDS data among parties is crucial to enhancing EDS resiliency. However, much of the information is sensitive, as it may be used to compromise customer privacy; to expose enterprise trade secrets, thus reducing competitive advantage; to manipulate market mechanisms; or to identify vulnerabilities of EDS components to attack. We will develop formal privacy models that allow one to reason about the impact of sharing data, in aggregate form, or protected by a privacy mechanism. These models will enable greater information sharing among EDS participants while at the same time helping to reduce the corresponding risks, thus facilitating “collaboration between industry, academia and government maintains cybersecurity advances,” which is one of the goals from the “Roadmap to Achieve Energy Delivery Systems Cybersecurity.”

Energy Delivery System (EDS) Gap Analysis

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