Security Technology for Remote EDS Data Monitoring Applied to Drones

Much of the Energy Delivery System is exposed. Without protection, the systems that gather information might be given false data, or mislead. The CREDC project Resilient Framework with Authentication, Key Management, and Data Collection for Energy Sensors in Energy Distribution Networks has been researching a generalizable framework for integrating key security technologies in remote EDS systems such as pipelines.

As a proof of concept, in collaboration with industrial partners, we are refining this framework and applying it to a specific case of securing drone-based data gathering in pipelines. This application domain introduces new dimensions as the location of the data being gathered must be protected as well as the data itself. Correspondingly, along with cryptographic protection of the data, the instantiation of our framework integrates secured GPS.

For more information about this technology or opportunities for industrial collaboration, contact Tianyuan Liu or Klara Nahrstedt. More information is also available on the Related Research Activity page.

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