Improved System Modeling for GMD and EMP Assessments

funded by the Bonneville Power Administration

researchers: Peter W. SauerThomas J. Overbye, Komal S. Shetye, and Hao Zhu

The overall objective of this work is to contribute to geomagnetic disturbance (GMD) and electromagnetic pulse (EMP) assessments for the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) system, with various-level models of improved accuracy. This ultimate benefit will include enhanced decision-making regarding planning, operations, and mitigation strategies in the presence of GMDs. This will be achieved through validation of several GMD-related system parameters and modeling approaches for the BPA system, thanks to available data measurement during GMD storms. The first goal of this project is to establish an integrated system-data model to validate the GIC flow model; it can be used by BPA to construct a benchmark GMD storm scenario as required by standards, and to improve the accuracy of the GIC flow modeling. The second goal is to develop and validate the modeling of transformer response to the GIC flow using BPA system power flow data, as an extension to the GIC flow validation to improve the quantitative understanding of the negative GMD impacts in planning studies. The third goal of this project is to build on the GMD modeling to develop models and tools for EMP assessment of power systems, in the necessary power system dynamics time frame.