Information Trust Institute block of abstract images
Information Trust Institute block of abstract images

Cyber-Physical Experimentation Environment for RADICS (CEER)

funded by DARPA

researchers: Tim Yardley, David M. Nicol, and Thomas J. Overbye; Lee Rossey, Michael Beynon, and William Hutchison (SimSpace); Robert M. Lee (Dragos Security); Dmitry Ischenko (ABB); Jordan Bell (SEL); Tamer Rousan (Ameren)

The goal of this project is to provide a testbed on which prospective techniques and tools can be developed, refined, and validated in a context with unprecedented system fidelity. We are closing the gap between needs and state of the art through a testbed, CEER, that is innovative in several ways.

CEER brings to the ICS domain for the first time production quality software to flexibly (and remotely) define experiments, configure testbed resources, and run experiments. It brings the fruits of state-of-the-art modeling of grid systems to provide synthetic but realistic dynamic grid state. It brings cutting-edge applied research in temporal coordination of real devices, device emulation, and simulators of diverse kinds to enable creation of experimental topologies that are much larger than the ensemble of physical ICS devices in the testbed. CEER brings best-of-breed ICS system instrumentation and monitoring technology to enable users to closely track the results of testing. It will be able to accurately represent the smart grid interactions from generation, transmission, and distribution. It will also support high-fidelity exploration of assets in each of these domains, including, but not limited to, generation assets, grid components in transmission and distribution substations, control center operation, and advanced metering infrastructure.