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The involvement of industry partners in CREDC, early and often, is vital to developing research efforts that have significant and measurable impact on cybersecurity and cyber-resiliency of energy delivery systems. CREDC offers several opportunities for asset owners, equipment vendors, and technology providers to partner with us.

Energy industry stakeholders interested in partnering with CREDC — at any participation level — can email 

Industry Sponsorship

Industry sponsors partner with CREDC by significantly investing in research efforts via collaboration, financial support, and/or in-kind support. To learn more about industry sponsorship, email

Industry Participation Board (IPB) and Industry Advisory Board (IAB)

The Industry Participation Board consists of energy sector stakeholders who are interested in CREDC research activities and attend CREDC events. To join the CREDC Industry Participation Board (IPB), email with your name and contact information, along with a brief statement of your interest in this work and/or your current challenges involving EDS cybersecurity. We will help you connect with CREDC researchers that are focused on your area of concern. We will also add your organization to our email list to keep you informed about new research developments as well as events and opportunities to engage with our research staff.

Our Industry Advisory Board is comprised of industry stakeholders who have been invited to work closely with CREDC leadership to help direct and inform consortium research and development. 

Annual Industry Workshop

The CREDC Annual Industry Workshop aims to initiate or continue ongoing dialogue and collaboration between industry partners and CREDC researchers that leverages key strengths of each community and brings us closer to common EDS cybersecurity and cyber-resiliency goals. Workshop participants engage with CREDC researchers, learn about CREDC research activities, and have an impact on current research and future research plans.

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