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Minecraft World of Power
Minecraft World of Power
CREDC recognizes that the success of a secure and modern energy delivery system needs a capable workforce as well as knowledgeable and involved young people who will become consumers, voters, and the workforce of the future. Consumers need to be informed and engaged in order to meet future energy challenges and to maximize implementations of evolving technologies.

Members of the CREDC Education team work with teachers and students, informal educators, industry, and other CREDC researchers to develop a wide variety of educational opportunities and activities that are designed to engage learners of all ages. 

Some of the CREDC educational resources include:

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Research Posters:

Summer School (Professional Development)

The CREDC Summer Symposium is an intensive, engaging, and value-packed week of topics and activities focused on cybersecurity and resiliency of energy delivery systems for the electric power and oil and gas industries. The event includes hands-on training/learning activities. Sessions are led by experts from CREDC, industry, national labs, and government. 

The 2019 CREDC Summer Symposium will be held June 24-28. For more information, visit our Summer Symposium 2019 website.


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