Bill Johnson

Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson
President & CEO

President & CEO
TDI Technologies Inc.

Bill Johnson founded TDi Technologies to deliver 24/7/365 infrastructure management for mission critical government and corporate networks. Mr. Johnson and his mission critical customers understood infrastructures had to be independent of the devices they were managing.

He is a recognized Thought Leader by such prestigious organizations as The SANS Technology Institute and the Software Security Institute – the first person to “sound the clarion call that we may be vulnerable to attacks via the baseboard management controller.” ( Mr. Johnson has over 20 years of experience in the infrastructure management field. He is a regular speaker for professional IT organizations regarding data center automation and enterprise computing and is on the Board of Directors of Connect, the worldwide HP user group. Beginning in 1996, Mr. Johnson and his team were awarded patents for their innovative methods of “outside-in” infrastructure management, a paradigm where the infrastructure was being actively monitored and managed even if the O/S went down. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Louisville.

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