Engineering Pathways

The College of Engineering at Illinois has partnered with community colleges in Illinois to provide students a pathway to transfer into the College of Engineering after completing their Associates Degree.

Connecting to Community Colleges

  • Parkland College is located in Champaign and is the community college that feeds the largest number of transfer students to Illinois. Working with Sean Mauney, the instructor of security courses at Parkland, we are identifying course materials we can share, course materials that would help train Illinois system administrators and system operators, and a set of guest lecturers and lectures between the two institutions to add depth to specific topics. The goal is to introduce course sequences that allow Parkland security students to transfer easily to the Illinois security concentrations. In the area of curriculum, we are working with both Parkland and CSSIA to identify and create course materials of common interest to our students. An example of one initiative is developing modules on secure software engineering for programming course sequences so that some of the modules apply both to the programming courses at the community colleges and to Illinois.
  • We are also working with Erich Spengler and the Moraine Valley Community College, located in Palos Hills, a suburb south of Chicago. Erich Spengler is the Director of an NSF-funded Center for Systems Security and Information Assurance (CSSIA). This center works with other community colleges in the midwest and trains community college instructors to improve Information Assurance education in community colleges. The collaboration with Moraine Valley and CSSIA is aimed at both an exchange of course material and the construction of a pipeline of talented students from Moraine Valley and the other two-year colleges. We hope to encourage security students to continue for a four-year degree at Illinois or other four-year institutions. Illinois' previous instructor, Dr. Susan Hinrichs, was an NSF Visiting Committee member for CSSIA and was instrumental in providing feedback on the CSSIA curriculum. Illinois did partner with Moraine Valley to organize and host a midwest regional collegiate cyber defense competition in spring 2006.