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Illinois Cyber Security Scholars Program (ICSSP)

This CyberCorps scholarship for service program, funded by the National Science Foundation, provides a scholarship to admitted, full time, UIUC students who are interested in specializing in cybersecurity. This scholarship has been available to UIUC students since 2009 and we have graduated 30+ students who have been successfully been placed with federal agencies and national labs including: the Department of Homeland Security, Federal Trade Commission, Central Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency, Sandia National Lab, MIT Lincoln Lab, Department of Energy, and MITRE Corporation.

This merit scholarship is available to undergraduate and graduate UIUC students. The goal of the scholarship is to increase the national workforce in the field of cybersecurity and to place graduates in federal agencies, national labs, state, local, and tribal government organizations.

To be eligible to apply you must be:

  • An admitted full time undergraduate or graduate student on the UIUC campus.
  • A citizen of the United States of America
  • College of Engineering undergraduate or graduate student with a focus on cyber or information security and privacy.
  • College of Law student who has completed one year of coursework, has some technical background, and is interested in specializing in cybersecurity. See law student eligibility requirements.
  • Transfer students are eligible to apply after they have been admitted to the UIUC College of Engineering and have completed at least one semester on campus.

Special consideration for eligibility may be given to:

  • School of Information Sciences graduate students admitted to the MSIM degree program.
  • U.S. permanent residents may be considered for eligibility on a case by case basis.

NOTE: Students selected for scholarships must meet selection criteria for Federal employment. In addition, internship placements and final job placements may require security clearances. Scholarship recipients may therefore be required to undergo the background investigation required to obtain such clearances.

Applications for this program are due March 31, 2017.

To learn more about this program or to apply, please visit the ICSSP website.