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Information Trust Institute block of abstract images


ITI coordinates over 100 faculty researchers across numerous departments and colleges at Illinois to conduct multidisciplinary research into trustworthy critical cyber infrastructures. The developed technologies cut across many technology domains and application areas. In some cases, new private ventures have been started by ITI researchers to provide a platform for commercialization of the technologies. Profile and contact information for these startups follows below. For more information and assistance, write to iti-infoatillinois [dot] edu.


AGEIA Technologies

AGEIAGaming, Hardware, Image processing, Processor, Video, Visualization

AGEIA developed the world's first dedicated hardware physics processor, called AGEIA PhysX, which adds realism to video games and is now used in over 140 games played on Microsoft Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, Sony PlayStation 3, and gaming PCs. From 2004 through 2008, Sanjay J. Patel served as the Chief Architect and Chief Technology Officer at AGEIA Technologies, prior to its acquisition by Nvidia Corp in 2008.

Armored Computing

Armored ComputingComputing systems & networks, Fault tolerance, High availability, Security & surveillance, Software

Armored Computing, founded by Ravishankar K. Iyer, aims to bring low-cost, transparent-to-the-application, and scalable (supporting large deployments) software-only solutions for providing availability and security monitoring applicable to all market segments and customer levels, and tools to benchmark high-availability characteristics of systems and applications.

Bragg and Associates

Education & training

Bragg and Associates is an education and engineering consulting services company, co-founded by Professor Debra Bragg of the College of Education and Professor Michael B. Bragg, interim dean of the College of Engineering. Its clients include the government, private foundations, and corporations.

4D Teleport Technologies

3D, Camera systems, Distributed systems, Education & training, Gaming, Hardware, Health care, Multimedia, Real-time, Software, Streaming, Teleimmersion, Video, Visualization

At the present time, setting up a distributed 3D real-time multi‐video, multisite interactive teleimmersion session requires IT experts and set‐up times ranging from hours to months depending on the complexity of the system. The ability of 3D teleimmersion to transform the use and content availability of 3D TVs and other 3D devices requires that this problem be solved in a user-friendly manner. Co-founders Klara Nahrstedt and Normand Paquin created 4D Teleport, which is a distributed software platform incorporating gateways at each teleimmersion site to actively manage the capture synchronization and integration of multiple correlated multimedia streams. Applications that can take advantage of full-body, real-time immersion include 1) distributed 3D gaming, 2) remote ad hoc maintenance training, 3) health care and remote physiotherapy, and 4) cultural and activity‐based education.


InstaRecon3D, Algorithms, Detection, Image processing, Scanner (CT, MRI), Security & surveillance, Software, Visualization

InstaRecon, Inc., founded by Yoram Bresler, is a supplier of technology and services to imaging scanner equipment makers and supply chain partners. InstaRecon's patented algorithms increase the computational efficiency of image reconstruction in CT, PET, SPECT, and MRI by a factor of 20 to 100. Only InstaRecon's technology can simultaneously improve image quality, increase reconstruction speed, and reduce reconstruction engine cost. The faster imaging speeds enabled by these algorithms will offer dramatic improvements in 3D CT inspection of baggage or containers for the detection of weapons, explosives, or other hazardous materials.

Intersymbol Communications

IntersymbolComputing systems & networks, Hardware, Optical communications, Processor, Signal processing

In 2000, Naresh Shanbhag and Andrew Singer co-founded Intersymbol Communications, Inc., a venture-funded fabless semiconductor startup that provided DSP-enhanced mixed-signal ICs for electronic dispersion compensation of OC-192 optical links. In 2007, Intersymbol was acquired by Finisar Corporation, Inc., the world's largest supplier of optical communication components and subsystems.

MulticoreWare, Inc.

Computing systems & networks, HPC, Multicore processing, Software, Systems integration

MulticoreWare Inc., founded by Wen-mei W. Hwu, is a software and systems integration solutions company providing heterogeneous multi-core (h-multicore solutions) for high-performance computing applications using multi-core and many-core processors. The company is working with applications in the broadcast video, defense and aerospace, bio-informatics, life sciences, imaging, and scientific computing industries. MulticoreWare embraces heterogeneous computing, and its solutions benefit customers who require a higher order of magnitude performance with power and space constraints.

Network GeographicsNetwork Geographics

Auditing, Computing systems & networks, Detection, Modeling & simulation, Security & surveillance, Smart grid, Software, Verification, Visualization

Network Geographics (NG), co-founded by Susan Hinrichs and Alan Carroll, is creating tools to simplify and automate the analysis of changes to an enterprise's security stance. The tools will be useful as part of the standard operating procedure for enterprise IT members and third parties that audit the security stance of customers' installations. NG's InfoSecter builds a model of firewall operation from the configuration files that lets the user interactively browse and analyze how the firewall will apply security to packets, so that the user can more rapidly and reliably find the information needed to manage network security.

Network Perception

NP-View tool for Power Utitilies to prepare for NERC CIP Audits

Network Perception is a startup incubated at the Research Park at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and launched in spring 2013.  Founded by a team of researchers who are experts on network security and critical infrastructure protection, Network Perception is developing and commercializing the NP-View tool to help power utilities to prepare for NERC CIP audits.  The founding team behind Network Perception consists of two faculties:  Professor David M Nicol and Professor William H. Sanders, and three researchers:  Mouna Bamba, Dr. Robin Berthier, and Edmond Rogers.


3D, Camera systems, Education & training, Gaming, Image processing, Multimedia, Software, Teleimmersion, Video, Visualization

Personify was co-founded in 2009 as Nuvixa by Sanjay J. Patel to deliver a radically improved video communication experience that is more immersive, compelling, and intuitive than existing video technology. Personify technology makes use of emerging camera technologies, such as the Microsoft Kinect Sensor, to create new capabilities not possible with existing video products. This technology can identify people in a camera shot, extract them from the background image, and place them in a virtual interaction environment.


Distributed systems, Education & training, Modeling & simulation, Security & surveillance, Smart grid, Software, Visualization

PowerWorldPowerWorld Corporation is an innovator and an industry leader, offering products and services that make power system analysis and visualization ever more powerful and efficient. PowerWorld's wide range of products provide the tools needed by transmission planners, power marketers, system operators, educators, and anyone else desiring access to power system information and analysis in a user-friendly format. The power system visualizations, interactive displays, and powerful presentation tools can assist an organization with needs ranging from internal presentation and in-house education to marketing to customers and preparing for regulatory hearings. PowerWorld was founded by ITI researchers Thomas J. Overbye (who directs ICSEG, the Illinois Center for a Smarter Electric Grid, in ITI) and Peter W. Sauer (who is co-PI of TCIPG, the Trustworthy Cyber Infrastructure for the Power Grid Center, in ITI).

Probaris Technologies

Computing systems & networks, Identity management, Personal Identity Verification (PIV), Security, Software

Probaris, founded by Carl A. Gunter, is a leading provider of trusted identity software and services. The company specializes in the development and deployment of Personal Identity Verification (PIV) and PIV interoperable (PIV-I) credential solutions. Probaris develops and markets Probaris ID, an end-to-end solution for issuance and verification of identities. The product is used to gather biometrics and other identity data for enrollment, issuance, and lifecycle management of secure credentials.

Runtime Verification

Runtime VerificationAlgorithms, Computing systems & networks, Detection, Real-time, Security & surveillance, Software, Verification

Runtime Verification is a startup company founded by Grigore Rosu and Patrick Meredith in 2010. Runtime verification is a computing system analysis and execution approach based on extracting information from a running system and using it to detect and possibly react to observed behaviors that satisfy or violate certain properties. Runtime verification specifications are typically expressed in trace predicate formalisms, such as finite state machines, regular expressions, context-free patterns, or linear temporal logics, or extensions of these. This allows for a less ad hoc approach than normal testing does.


Data mining & analytics, Knowledge management, Natural language processing (NLP), Software (middleware)

Text-IE Inc., founded by Dan Roth, is developing Text-Analytics middleware for facilitating the development of applications in the area of unstructured data: access, retrieval, categorization, extraction, and mining, as well as a wide range of knowledge management applications. Most of the information corporations need to deal with today is in the form of unstructured text: newspaper articles, reports, email messages, and internet activity (blogs, chats, and tweets). Text-IE's goal is to help users deal with this huge amount of unstructured data as if it were organized in a database with a known schema: to help them locate, organize, access, analyze, and synthesize the unstructured data. This entails handling of both content (content-driven access and analysis) and network aspects (who connects with whom) and results in transformation of raw data into useful and understandable information and integration of it with existing resources.

Valkyrie Computer Systems

Browsers, Computing systems, Formal methods, Mobile OS, Software

Valkyrie Computer Systems, founded by Samuel T. King, is building fast mobile Web browsers and fast and secure operating systems for mobile devices. Support for feature-rich apps and Web-based applications has greatly enriched user experiences at the cost of increasing the complexity of the software running on mobile devices. Many current mobile software systems come directly from desktop and server systems and bring with them the millions of lines of code that power these systems. From this complexity come security vulnerabilities and exploits, and slow performance, especially for mobile Web browsing. The Valkyrie technology is able to use future mobile hardware efficiently in ways that current Web browsers cannot. The technology for secure operating systems has mathematical proofs of security, which no other commercial operating system has.

Vision Technology

Vision Technology Inc.Camera systems, Detection, Hardware, Image processing, Real-time, Security & surveillance, Software, Video, Visualization

Vision Technology, founded by Narendra Ahuja, provides imaging products and image manipulation software for capturing and viewing panoramic and hemispherical images with clarity, precision, a large field-of-view, high dynamic range, and infinite depth-of-field. Vision's HemView 360-degree field-of-view camera system produces real-time, seamless, uniform resolution at 30 frames-per-second with all of the features of regular pan/tilt cameras but without any moving parts, making it an excellent choice for video surveillance.