Information Trust Institute block of abstract images
Information Trust Institute block of abstract images

NP-View Team Participation for the Innovation Corps Teams Program

funded by the National Science Foundation

researchers: David M. Nicol and Robin Berthier

IT infrastructures have become extremely difficult to protect, given the variety of applications and devices, the heterogeneity of communications, and the motivation and resources of adversaries. The power industry has responded to this concern by mandating critical infrastructure protection regulations to be followed by all large electric utilities. Every year, several utilities receive penalties of up to $1,000,000 a day because of violations found in the security of their networks during audits. This project is working to commercialize the NP-View tool, a software application designed to support utilities and auditors in assessing whether networks are secure and in compliance with government NERC/CIP regulations. At the core of NP-View is a technology that uses device configurations to create a virtual network representation that accurately predicts how packets traverse networks and provides analysis of a given network security policy. The benefits for network compliance officers and auditors include higher confidence in their asset security, as well as reduced amounts of time and resources needed to analyze security posture and prioritize vulnerability mitigations.

For more information on NP-View, see the website of Network Perception.