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Information Trust Institute block of abstract images

Cyber-Physical Security Assessment Project (CyPSA)

funded by the Advanced Research Projects Agency - Energy (ARPA-E)

researchers: Katherine Davis, Mouna Bamba, Robin Berthier, David M. Nicol, Edmond J. Rogers, William H. Sanders, Pete W. Sauer (PI), and Gabriel WeaverRakesh Bobba (Oregon State University); Saman A. Zonouz (Rutgers University); Matt Davis (PowerWorld); Sameh Elsharkawy, Josh Gould, and Tim Heidel (ARPA-E)

CyPSA is a Cyber-Physical Security Assessment toolset designed to improve reliability of grid operations. CyPSA researchers are developing scalable grid modeling, monitoring, and analysis tools to improve grid resiliency to system failures and cyber attacks. Theoretical and practical techniques are leveraged from cyber security and power engineering domains to develop new algorithms and software tools capable of analyzing real-world threats against power grid critical infrastructures including cyber components (e.g. communication networks), physical components (e.g. power lines), and interdependencies between the two in models and simulations.

CyPSA is funded under the award "Cyber-Physical Modeling and Analysis for a Smart and Resilient Grid."

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