Information Trust Institute block of abstract images
Information Trust Institute block of abstract images

Departmental Participation

ITI is a cross-campus, cross-disciplinary initiative that was designed not only to address the underlying technical challenges involved in providing trustworthy networked information systems, but also to guarantee that those technical solutions are made useful and available to the critical application areas where they are sorely needed. For that reason, ITI’s membership includes a large core group of researchers from Electrical & Computer Engineering, Computer Science, and other key fields of enabling technology, but also a large number of researchers representing a broad range of other fields that can profit from advances in trustworthy information technology.

chart of ITI subject areas

The wide range of home academic departments of ITI faculty members reflects the diversity of research being carried out at ITI. Below is a list of departments and units that are represented by the ITI membership.

College of Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences

College of Applied Health Sciences

College of Business

College of Engineering

College of Law

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Graduate School of Library and Information Science

College of Media

College of Medicine

Advanced Digital Sciences Center (ADSC)

Center for Advanced Study

Institute for Genomic Biology

Institute of Government & Public Affairs