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Other Resources

Individual Study

There are many opportunities for individual study in the form of personalized reading courses or thesis preparation (at both the M.S. and Ph.D. levels). See the ITI people page for information on the ITI faculty members who are available to supervise projects in ITI-related areas.

Student Mailing List

Any University of Illinois graduate and undergraduate students who are interested in trust topics are invited to sign up for the iti-student mailing list.  To join the iti-students mailing list, send email to iti-infoatillinois [dot] edu adn in the body of the message request to be added to iti-students with your email address. The list is used for announcements of interest to students, such as information on scholarships and contests. Illinois students are also invited to subscribe to our iti-announce mailing list using the same format as above, which announces ITI and trust-related talks and events on the Illinois campus.

Other Online Resources

The following training applets are the first online educational resources developed under the TCIPG (Trustworthy Cyber Infrastructure for the Power Grid) project. They are aimed at students in middle and high school. They are classroom-ready and illustrate important concepts in mathematics and the science of electricity and the power grid. Additional applets will be available in the near future.