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Information Trust Institute block of abstract images

Take This On Trust...

Oct 3. 2013

Current events have pushed concerns about personal and data privacy into the limelight. Each new round of revelations about classified government programs highlights for me that at the heart of them all are issues of trust.

Jun 25. 2013

NetAPT is a software tool that performs an automated, comprehensive security policy analysis to identify any respects in which a network containing firewalls deviates from global access policy. The idea is that it provides a means for a system analyst to review his or her security controls and ensure that they do what the analyst intends them to do. The whole idea is to reduce the number of people that can access critical systems and potentially compromise those systems.

Apr 22. 2013

Just like all trailers and taglines, the depictions of CISPA by its opponents paint the most dire and exciting interpretations, designed to draw people to the theater in droves. And just like many movies that have been hyped up beyond recognition by cleverly edited trailers and exciting taglines, the truth is often much less entertaining than the previews promised it to be.

Nov 2. 2012

ITI director David Nicol offers a technical perspective on U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta's recent speech threatening to hold cyber-aggressors accountable.

Sep 20. 2012

ITI's director announces blog!