Special Seminars

ITI Special Seminars

ITI occasionally brings in external speakers from industry, government, and academia for the ITI Special Seminar series. This series features topics that fall outside those usually discussed in the ITI Seminar and ITI Distinguished Lecture Series.

11/16/18 Kat Fitzgerald
Zebra Technologies
"Security Practitioner Series"
10/29/18 Kate Kuehn
"Computer Security Practitioner Series"
5/9/18 Kai Thompsen
"A Talk about Being a Principal Incident Handler and Doing Computer Forensics at Volkswagen/Audi, a Large Automobile Manufacturer"
4/17/18 Rodrigo Branco
Intel Corporation
"Computer Security Practitioner Series: Application and Benefits of Reverse Engineering and Code Review in Hardware Manufacturing"
2/28/18 Joe Priestly
Cornbelt Electric Co-op
"Day-to-Day Challenges of an Infrastructure and Security Manager"

Christopher D. Trifiletti
Federal Bureau of Investigations

"Current Cyber Threats and Trends"