Distinguished Lecture Series

About the Distinguished Lecture Series

The ITI Distinguished Lecture Series features speakers who are international leaders in the field of information trust. For more information on the series, or if you have questions or problems regarding any of the below video recordings, write to iti-info@illinois.edu.

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Past Events

2019-2020 Series

10/15/19 Thomas Ristenpart
Cornell University

"Computer Security for Victims of Abuse"
A video of the talk is available

9/17/19 Geoffrey M. Voelker
University of California at San Diego
"Further Adventures in Evidence-Based Security"

2018-2019 Series

No seminars scheduled


2017-2018 Series

11/16/17 Dongyan Xu
Purdue University

"A Window to the Past": Uncovering Temporal-Spatial Forensics Information from a Memory Snapshot

A video of the talk is available

2015-2016 Series

3/9/16 George Cybenko
Dartmouth College

"Behavior Analysis in Security"

A video of the talk is available

10/5/15 ****CANCELLED****
Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi

Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany
"Everything You Code Can and Will Be Re-Used Against You"

2014-2015 Series

4/8/15 Amit Sahai
University of California, Los Angeles

"Hiding Secrets in Software"

A video of the talk is available

10/14/14 Daniel J. Solove
George Washington University

"Privacy, the Consent Dilemma, and the Problem of Defining Harm"

A video of the talk is available

2013-2014 Series

10/3/13 Steven M. Bellovin
Columbia University

"Lawful Hacking: Using Existing Vulnerabilities for Wiretapping on the Internet"

A video of the talk is available


Fred B. Schneider
Cornell University

"Blueprint for a Science of Cyber-security"


Lorrie Faith Cranor
Carnegie Mellon University
"The continuing quest for secure and usable passwords"
4/30/14 Eugene H. Spafford
Purdue University
Why Aren't Our Systems Secure?

2012-2013 Series

1/30/13 Charles R. Kalmanek
AT&T Labs Inc.

"Managing Complex Systems: Mobile Networks and Cloud Computing".
An MP4-format video of the talk is available

2011-2012 Series

10/4/11 Elisa Bertino
Purdue University
"Protecting Information Systems from Insider Threats: Concepts and Issues"
12/8/11 Robert Bonneau
Air Force Office of Scientific Research
"Complex Information Systems"
1/18/12 Stefan Savage
University of California, San Diego
"Looking Before You Leap: The Argument for Data-Driven Security"
3/27/12 Jeannette M. Wing
Carnegie Mellon University
"Towards a Theory of Trust in Networks of Humans and Computers"


4/27/11 Marc Dacier
Symantec Research Labs
"An Invitation for WINE Testing"
Recordings of the talk are available in multiple formats: Rich Media, Vodcast, Enhanced Podcast, and Podcast (MP3).

2009-2010 Series

11/5/09 Moti Yung
Google, Inc., and Columbia University
"Kleptography: On the Difficulty of Institutionalizing Trust"
A video of the lecture is available (WMV format, 385 MB)
3/15/10 Helen Nissenbaum
New York University
"Values in Design: Adnostic and TrackMeNot"
3/31/10 Herb Lin
Computer Science and Telecommunications Board, National Research Council of the National Academies
"Understanding U.S. Cyberattack Policy"
An MV4-format video of the talk is available (780 MB).
4/19/10 Latanya Sweeney
Carnegie Mellon University
"Trustworthy Designs for the Nationwide Health Information Network"
A recording of the talk is available.

2008-2009 Series

12/1/08 Kevin W. Bowyer 
University of Notre Dame
"Next-Generation Iris Biometrics"
An MPG video of the talk is available (600 MB)
1/29/09 James Larus
Microsoft Research
"The Real Value of Testing"
3/17/09 Ari Juels
RSA, The Security Division of EMC
"RFID Tags: Making Silicon Stretch"
4/2/09 Raja Parasuraman
George Mason University
"Trust and Complacency in Human Interaction with Automated and Networked Systems"
4/28/09 Jean-Pierre Hubaux
Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
"Security and Non-Cooperative Behavior in Wireless Networks"
A video of the lecture is available.

2007-2008 Series

10/18/07 Anil K. Jain
Michigan State University
"Biometric Recognition: A New Paradigm for Security." A PDF file of the slides from this talk is now available.
11/13/07 Charles C. Palmer
"Cyber Security's Missing Link"
1/22/08 Edward W. Felten
Princeton University
"Electronic Voting: Danger and Opportunity"
2/6/08 Deborah G. Johnson
University of Virginia
"Sociotechnical Trust in Information"
A PDF file of slides from this talk is now available.
2/20/08 Jonathan M. Smith
University of Pennsylvania
"Continuous Security"
3/13/08 Cynthia Dwork
"An Ad Omnia Approach to Defining and Achieving Private Data Analysis"
4/23/08 Paul C. Van Oorschot
Carleton University
"Authentication and Usability"

2006-2007 Series

10/24/06 George Cybenko
Dartmouth College
"Process Detection for Cyber Security: Theory and Applications"
11/29/06 Ton Kalker
Hewlett-Packard Laboratories & Technical University of Eindhoven, The Netherlands
"The Rise and Fall of Digital Rights Management"
A PDF of the talk slides is available.
1/24/07 Farnam Jahanian
University of Michigan
"The Evolution of Internet Threats: A Perspective-Aware Approach to Network Security in the Botnet Era"
2/28/07 Bill Worley
Secure64 Software Corporation
"Genuinely Secure Systems"
A related white paper (PDF format) entitled "Eliminating Malware and Rootkits: Six Essential Characteristics of a Genuinely Secure OS" is now available. You can also download PDFs of his slides and a handout version of the slides.
3/13/07 Vern Paxson
International Computer Science Institute, Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
"Experiences With Countering Internet Attacks"
4/10/07 Thomas S. Mathews
IBM Systems and Technology Group
"Emerging System Software Requirements for Internet Based Computing Trends"

2005-2006 Series

10/5/05 Jacob Abraham
The University of Texas at Austin
"Verification Challenges in Embedded System Design"
10/24/05 Matt Bishop
University of California, Davis
"Vulnerabilities Analysis"
11/2/05 Brian Randell
University of Newcastle upon Tyne
"Dependable Pervasive Systems"
1/19/06 Michael Reiter
Carnegie Mellon University
"Computer Security Meets Pervasive Computing - Security by, and for, Converged Mobile Devices"
2/22/06 John C. Knight
University of Virginia
"Faulty Human Communications: Its Impact on Dependability and What To Do About It"; a PDF handout of the slides from this talk is now available.
3/15/06 John Baras
University of Maryland
"Cooperative Games, Statistical Physics and Trust in Ad-Hoc Networks" (some electronic files related to this talk, and two other talks presented at UIUC by Prof. Baras, are available online; additionally, a Windows Media video of the entire talk is available online)
4/5/06 John Rushby
SRI International
"What Might a Science of Certification Look Like?"
5/3/06 Virgil D. Gligor
University of Maryland at College Park
"On the Evolution of Adversary Models in Security Protocols - from the Beginning to Sensor Networks"