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Lying and Authentication


Dusko Pavlovic
Professor of Information Security, Department of Mathematics
Royal Holloway, University of London

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Part 1 - (Video runs from 00:11:50 to 01:17:12)

Part 2 - (Video runs from 02:33:53 to 03:30:01)

Part 3 - (Video runs from 01:18:20 to 02:14:58)

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I will first present the motivations and the diagrammatic methods of Protocol Derivation Logics, using the examples of authentication and key agreement protocols. In the second lecture, I will expand the view to take into account security procedures in general, that may combine the methods of cryptographic and physical security. Towards the end, I will sketch a general view of the relation between science and security, underlying the presented formalisms.


Dusko Pavlovic is Professor of Information Security at Royal Holloway, University of London. He studied mathematics and computer science in Utrecht, and worked at McGill, at Imperial College, at Sussex, at Kestrel Institute, and at Oxford. His research interests evolved from mathematics and theoretical computer science, through software design and models of quantum computation, to theory of security.