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4th ITI Workshop on Dependability and Security: Opportunities and Challenges in Building an Overarching Community

November 30, 2007

Coordinated Science Laboratory
University of Illinois
Urbana, Illinois

Welcome to the web site for the November 30, 2007 ITI Workshop on Dependability and Security!


Explosive growth in the number and complexity of computing systems requiring dependability and security in their operation is one of the most striking features of our technological and social landscape. That is particularly true for the critical applications and systems our society and economy depend on to function properly. Dependability and security are here understood as a system's general worthiness of being relied upon and trusted to the extent required, even under extreme conditions. Dependability involves the relevant application and system qualities, including fault tolerance, availability, performability, and robustness. Security, with its classic foundations in cryptography, involves issues relating to intrusion detection and tolerance, authentication, and firewall designs, as well as security-related protocols, modeling, and benchmarking. The interplay between dependability/security and performance is also involved in many critical application domains, such as critical infrastructure protection, aerospace, telecommunications, healthcare, and e-commerce. The expectation that modern, vast computing systems will be highly available and secure despite accidental failures and malicious attacks constitutes a major challenge for researchers, developers, and managers in the computing field.

Design of systems for dependability and security has assumed major importance in both government and commercial sectors, where there is a renewed interest in validation, verification, and measurement of various aspects of security, system survivability, fault tolerance, and performance. Furthermore, dependability, security, and performance have tended to be treated separately, despite the fact that the rigorous discipline of system design and analysis is best addressed by joint consideration of these issues, to allow for appropriate trade-offs.

The 4th ITI Workshop on Dependability and Security will build on the success of the previous workshops. The workshop is sponsored by the Information Trust Institute (ITI) at Illinois, and will be held in the Coordinated Science Laboratory on the campus of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, at 1308 West Main Street in Urbana, IL .


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Below is the agenda for November 30.


Registration and Continental Breakfast


Workshop Welcome


Panel 1, Core Technologies (moderated by Negar Kiyavash of ITI): Roy Maxion (Carnegie Mellon),Tom Mihm (Motorola), Elaine Weyuker (AT&T Labs), Ben Zorn (Microsoft)




Panel 2, Systems (moderated by Jürgen Scheffran of ITI): Lorenzo Alvisi (Univ. of Texas, Austin), Jean Arlat (LAAS-CNRS), Saurabh Bagchi (Purdue), Lisa Spainhower (IBM)


Lunch and Poster Session


Panel 3, End-to-End Architectures (moderated by Himanshu Khurana of ITI): Jacob Abraham (Univ. of Texas, Austin), Josyula Rao (IBM Watson Research Center), Neeraj Suri (Tu Darmstadt)




Panel 4, Assessment (moderated by Zbigniew Kalbarczyk of ITI): Catherine Meadows (NRL), Raphael Some (JPL), Kymie Tan (Cyber Defense Agency)


Closing Discussion on Key Findings. Presentations summarizing the four panels, followed by plans for the future.