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Shane Rogers

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Research System Administrator, Information Trust Institute

Shane Rogers' research interests include the cybersecurity of networked systems, the development of research systems with an emphasis on resiliency, confidentiality, integrity and availibility, digital forensics, and network security monitoring. In addition to his duties as Research Systems Administrator, Shane is currently pursuing his Master's degree in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Shane is a recipient of the Illinois Cyber Security Scholars Program CyberCorps scholarship provided by the National Science Foundation. He has spoken at DEFCON's Crypto and Privacy Village as well as the Cyber Defense and Disaster Recovery Conference. Shane has served as Chair for the OpenNSM (open-sourced network security monitoring) and GLUG
(Gnu/Linux) Special Interest Groups of the Association for Computing Machinery. Shane is currently a member of SIGPwny at UIUC, where he has helped to compete in CTF (capture the flag) events and develop networking challenges and to administer their UIUCTF cybersecurity competition.

(217) 300-5486
sprogrs2atillinois [dot] edu