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Peter Sauer

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W. W. Grainger Chair and Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, Purdue University, December 1977

Professor Sauer is working on a number of projects addressing a range of trust and security issues in the electric power domain, from cyber-infrastructure security issues to very detailed power system security issues. One such project is "Integrated Security Analysis." This project is formulating new security analysis tools for operators using existing computational software code with on-line data. Traditional security application programs are used to create historical security results that will be used to develop learning algorithms that will use both new computational results and historical results. This work is being done jointly with Washington State University. Another project is "Transmission Vulnerabilities in Power Systems." This project is investigating the critical set of transmission lines in maintaining an acceptable voltage collapse margin in power systems. The critical set is that group of lines that may be lost while maintaining sufficient capability for voltage support and real power transfer.

(217) 333-0394
psaueratillinois [dot] edu