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Mouna Bamba

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Research Programmer, Coordinated Science Laboratory
M.S., Telecom Bretagne in Rennes, France, 1994 M.S., EPF Engineering School in Sceaux, France, 1993

Mouna is one of the original developers of the Network Access Policy Tool (NetAPT) now commercialized under the name NPView through Network Perception, a startup incubated at the University of Illinois and co-founded with other University of Illinois researchers. Prior to joining the University of Illinois, she was project manager for testing command and control systems deployed in the Parisian subway and bus stations at RATP in Paris, France.
Mouna has a special interest in dependable and intrusion-tolerant distributed systems and verification of distributed and layered security policies.

(217) 244-7353
mbambaatillinois [dot] edu