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Madhusudan Parthasarathy

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Associate Professor, Computer Science
2002 Ph.D., Theoretical Computer Science, Institute of Mathematical Sciences, University of Madras, Chennai, India.

Professor Parthasarathy applies formal methods to the development of trustworthy software. The Java Interface Synthesis Tool (JIST) is an example of that work. JIST is a set of automated tools and techniques to synthesize interfaces to Java modules.

Given a Java class file F that offers a set of method calls M, an interface to F is a small set of rules that capture the correct sequences of calls of methods in M. For example, if F is a file-manipulation program, the correct interface could be the set of sequences:

open. (read)*. close

The JIST tool extracts a small interface for a Java class automatically using Boolean abstraction of Java byte code, followed by the solution of games over the Boolean model using state-space exploration heuristics (BDDs, SAT solvers, and so forth).

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madhuatillinois [dot] edu