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Lui Sha

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Donald B. Gillies Chair and Professor, Computer Science
Ph.D., ECE, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, 1985

Processors, memory, storage, networking are becoming so small, powerful, and inexpensive that they are giving birth to a new generation of digital infrastructure, in which computing, communication, sensing, and control are tightly integrated. Systems are connected to the Web, interfaced with electrical and mechanical actuators, and equipped with many types of miniaturized sensors, e.g., pressure, moisture, heat, audio, and video sensors.

Such systems will play a critical role in the operational control as well as in the enforcement of safety and security measures of our physical environment. Professor Sha's group is developing the technologies to support the design, development, and automatic management of this new generation of digital infrastructure, including:

  • Dynamic Architecture: Design OS, middleware, and application frameworks to support the automatic upgrade of software components without the need to shut down the system operation.
  • Defect Tolerance and Survivability: Develop automatic system configuration and dependency management protocols to ensure that system stability and essential services will always be maintained in spite of errors in complex software components or the partial failure of physical components.
  • Quality of Service: Co-design control, signal processing, and resource management protocols to automatically optimize application performance with respect to available computing and networking resources.
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