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Luis Rodriguez

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Associate Professor
Ph.D., Industrial and Systems Engineering and Bioresource Engineering, Rutgers University, 2002

Dr. Rodríguez specializes in modeling, simulation, and analysis of agricultural and biological systems. In addition to being an Associate Professor in Agricultural and Biological Engineering and the Information Trust Institute, he also has affiliate appointments in the National Center for Supercomputing Applications, the Institute for Genomic Biology, and the CyberGIS Center for Digital and Spatial Studies. During his time in Illinois, he has worked on a wide variety of systems at scales ranging from microscale ecosystems associated with denitrification to macroscale life support systems for future space missions. Recently his work considers integrated crop and livestock systems, agricultural watersheds, regional bioenergy feedstock production systems, and food security. In particular, he seeks to leverage the increasing resolution and availability of Big Data in Food and Agricultural Systems in order to create a deeper understanding of social, political, environmental, and economic constraints and their affect on the performance and viability of engineered systems.

(217) 333-2694
lfratillinois [dot] edu