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Jennifer Bernhard

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Associate Dean for Research, College of Engineering | Donald Bigger Willett Professor in Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, Duke University, 1994

Prof. Bernhard's research group engages in exciting research ranging from the design of compact antennas for handheld devices, to reconfigurable radiators for space applications, to wireless radio-frequency sensors that remotely monitor the integrity of concrete structures. This work often involves multidisciplinary collaborations with both academic and industrial partners, including researchers in civil, mechanical, and environmental engineering and the biological sciences. She also conducts investigations with colleagues in high-speed circuitry, networking, communications, and signal processing in an effort to use antennas to improve overall system performance and to provide more reliable and secure wireless connections.

(217) 333-0293
jbernharatillinois [dot] edu