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Tim Yardley

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Associate Director for Technology
B.S. in Computer Science, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, 2001
M.S. in Information Security and Assurance, Western Governors University, 2014

Tim Yardley is the Associate Director of Technology and a Senior Researcher at the Information Trust Institute (ITI). His primary duties focus on defining the strategic vision and direction for fundamental and applied research in emerging technology throughout the ITI portfolio. Mr. Yardley works in various research areas and also acts as the industry lead in structuring research partnerships with ITI. His research is focused on trustworthiness and resiliency, particularly with regards to cybersecurity in critical infrastructure such as the electric power grid. Mr. Yardley is the Principle Investigator in a wide variety of projects, totaling over $30M in research. The DARPA RADICS program funds one of Mr. Yardley’s core thrusts, focusing on enabling the verification and validation of mission-critical cybersecurity tools in the electric power grid. Overall, Mr. Yardley’s work is focused on advancing the state of cyber security protection and mitigation methods such that they provide actionable intelligence and guidance on what to do with the information.

Some other efforts Mr. Yardley is deeply involved in include, the former Trustworthy Infrastructure for the Power Grid (TCIPG) and the current Cyber Resilient Energy Delivery Consortium (CREDC) teams. Mr. Yardley also leads several industry collaborations, Applied Resiliency for More Trustworthy Grid Operation (ARMORE), Secure Policy Based Configuration (PBCONF), and Collaborative Defense of Transmission and Distribution Control Devices Against Cyber Attacks (CODEF), which aim to bring deployable solutions to solve difficult problems facing the sector. Mr. Yardley has succeeded at doing this already with efforts in graduated technology such as the Open Phasor Gateway (OpenPG) and the Secure Information Exchange Gateway (SIEGate) that were released as open-source products and are in commercially supported use today.

Beyond core research, verification and validation are a key element to enabling cutting-edge research at Illinois. Through developing advanced testbed environments to carry out this validation and verification, Mr. Yardley helps to apply research to prove out the theory and validate those efforts prior to field deployment, speeding the process of technology transition and the realism of fundamental research. The best testbed environments have little value unless they are coupled with training, workforce development, and education as well, so Mr. Yardley has engaged in openly available curriculum development associated with Cyber Security in Critical Infrastructure. In carrying out these roles, his work covers a variety of areas, including control systems, telecommunications systems, critical incident response, and simulations of real-world systems. Other areas of interest include health technology, mobile system security, financial systems, and dynamically tailored environments. Beyond research, Mr. Yardley is involved in security assessments, external relations, national working groups, technology development and transfer and entrepreneurial activities. By being an active contributor in open source projects around the world and having come from industry, Mr. Yardley provides a unique perspective with a proven track record of solving difficult problems.

(217) 333-4494
yardleyatillinois [dot] edu